Creating your own Facebook Campaigns will never be the same again!

Welcome Lets Get Social

Zedapps offers Facebook applications for personal and company use and no! You don't have to be a technical guru to set them up or use them.

Create an engaging experience for your customers and target audience, get them directly involved with your brand through the wonders of social media.

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The 5 Simple Steps

  1. Select App

    Select App

    Choose which app you want to set your page on fire

  2. Register


    Create your account - you don't pay until your app is ready

  3. Configure


    Set up your app with the rules and options to suit you

  4. Customise


    Design the app with your own branding and content

  5. Launch


    Now you are ready to send your app live!

Grow Your Fanbase

Zedapps help you build your fanbase by simply adding high engagement apps to your Facebook page or website. Choose from sweepstakes, photo and video apps, interactive maps and viral competitions to build a bigger, more engaged fanbase.

Own Your Fanbase

Turn likes into names, email addresses and ultimately customers so you can take control of your band communications. Owning the data means you can build customer relationships across all your channels, not just social media.

Stand out from the Crowd

Customising you Zedapp is simple: add your logo, edit the colours and update content all inside your easy to navigate admin dashboard. We take care of the techie stuff so you can focus on making your campaign stand out from the crowd!

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